Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DAY 23 - Bounce With Me

Hey peeps! Another day down... another day closer to the finish line!! One week from right this very moment I will have completed my eating and workout for the final day. Imagine that?

I certainly have a love/hate relationship with the BC, and TA specifically. LOL Obviously, said TA relationship is one sided... but I am sure she would agree this is how I should feel about her at this point.

I am very very sore from Sequence 3. Since I had been generally in good shape throughout sequences 1 and 2, I really wasn't expecting this. The back of my legs/hamstrings are killing! But in an odd spot... below glute towards inner back thigh - accessory muscles anyone??

Today, the muscle work took me 2:10 - 35 reps legs/abs, 40 reps arms. Oh! And I did an additional 10 reps for the LEFT sided only arm movements, since there is still a visible difference between the definition in my right and left arms (left arm = slacker arm). 40 mins of cardio topped it off, bringing me to 2:50. Yikes. This is kind of killing me, but I have one week left. It will not kill me. I do however realize that that is an unsustainable amount of working out... I am not a professional athlete, dancer, or TAMer after all...  But 1 more week is achievable. Fo' sho'!

Good eating day - apple w/ pb for breakfast (love!) which I have to say is keeping me FULL for much much longer these days. This was a typical pre-TAM snack for me and would not keep my full for more than an hour/hour and a half. Today it kept me full for four+ hours. Progress people!!
Lunch was turkey burgers (yum!) with tomato/basil side. Snack was "pea mash" - I used edamame, which was more like a chop than a mash but was good bc i love edamame. Dinner was tilapia with spinach. Well balanced, overall delicious. I would honestly eat that BLD combo any day, any time.

I am feeling slightly overwhelmed by life at this point. TAM, work, GMAT study (which will require a significant time commitment per week), my other "jobs" (fashion and nonprofit work), and all of the day to day BS that life throws at you. It is a lot. I know I can handle it... Organize, prioritize, execute... but I am having a but of a pity party tonight. In addition I had a few people-related things really bother me today - the way people connive to get ahead in life, the way people ineffectively manage groups, the way people have no regard for how their behavior is effecting those around them - all completely unrelated, but all equally effected me today. Like I said... pity party. Oh, and another snowy day. Snow is the source of all evil - I am convinced. So or those of us dreaming of better days, better weather, or just a chance to show off your new V shaped ab lines in a bikini.... Here is some inspiration :)

I was back down to 109 today! Let's hope I can maintain this until the CLEANSE. My body has big plans for the cleanse days... I just know it. My skin and I talked it out, and we decided that there was a bit extra hanging around (literally) in a few places... I think during the cleanse, this extra skin will go on vacation farrr farrr awayyy and will never return. Or maybe just evaporate into thin air! Who knows ;) that's the beauty of the TAM... hey, a girl can dream. right?

23 down....
7 to go....
By the Book!!!!!!!!!!!

Night Night,

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