Friday, February 4, 2011

DAY 25 - Juicing 101

Wow - what an insane day!! Woke up, standard 5:30 - weighed myself (holding steady at 108), 35 reps legs/arms, 50 reps arms (took 1:50), got ready for work, etc. Work was kind of loco yesterday, I was running around in 42 directions all day. After work, I studied GMAT for 1 hour in a conference room... And let me tell you - the hour flew by. I felt like I literally got nothing accomplished. That sucked.
Got home around 6:30, started cardio at 7. Rocked out 40 mins. Made dinner (french chicken w/ braised leeks) while trying to also concoct chicken "protein" soup for the next 5 days. I of course, ran out of chicken broth and the store downstairs was closed. My fabulous mama to the rescue (thanks PP!). So, dinner took a while because I was being freakish about whether or not the chicken was cooked enough (obviously it was). I also made my main man rice & beans (his fav) to commemorate my last day of "real food". I love love loved the french chicken... Eddie on the other hand, seemed to like it just ok. Either my taste buds have  changed, or I got the better piece ;) I will say, I shouldn't have wasted my time having the butcher cut up a whole chicken for me so that I could have the wing attached... as instructed... neither of us even touched the GD wing. LOL... Oh well! I loved my "last supper."
OK, so by this point it's like 9.... And I have to make my cleanse food.... All 9 items.... Seriously??
So here it goes - kiwi dessert (quick, made only for one day in fear the kiwi boogie mush would turn brown), blueberry applesauce (made for 5 days), edamame and carrot puree w/ cayenne (made for 1 day because I got too annoyed and threw the rest out, prob was enough for 2 days), tomato gazpacho (honestly, I can't even remember :-/ maybe 2 days?, oh. and don't hate me... I skipped the red onion and cilantro... I just hate them... I couldn't do it), sweet potato corn pudding (made I think 2 days, I am very excited to try this), Chicken protein soup (all 5 days), and choco chestnut pudding (all 5 days and yes I ate a few choco chips. Whatever.). Hah! Exhausted even relaying all that.
Of course, the kitchen is a disaster at this point. So before I foray into the world of juicing I decided it was necessary to clean, do dishes, etc. Ugh... tired yet? I unfortunately chipped two of my nails during this process which really grinds my gears!!!!! Since July, I have been doing shellac, which basically allows me to go 2 weeks without getting a manicure, with perfect nails. I am literally obsessed. If you know me, I have probably convinced you to try it at least once, and maybe even converted you to a cult-status follower, such as myself. Needless to say, this really upset me.
At this point, it was like 11 oclock. I was so mad, so tired, so annoyed and I had to make 2 different varietals of kale juice. FML. Sometimes I really wonder if I am truly a masochist.
First - red kale/spinach/beet juice. My juicer did not find much juice in the kale or spinach. The beets seemed to be very juicy (and dyed my hands, my brand new juicer, and everthing else in its path PURPLE). 25+ mins later, the recipe yielded 2 oz of juice. So I went back to basics.... I whipped out my blender, blended the not-dry "pulp" and then squished the blended pulp through the juicer. Is this the way to do it? Probably not. Did I care? Not in the slightest.
Seriously, I  need HELP with the juicing.... Anyone??.... Bueller?.... Why do no other bloggers discuss the torments of juicing?? And no, the snowy and gray city of Boston does not have a juice bar where I could just pop by and have them do this for me.... Can you believe it?!?!
Next - standard kale juice = kale + apple. After cleaning the purple dye off of my juicer, I went at it again with kale #2... starting with the apple which produced juice NO PROBLEM. It's just the kale!! So, again I blended the kale, pushed the mush through the juicer, and then re-juiced all of the pulp. Try 2 was a little better but this is seriously ridiculous. Now we're at midnight. I cleaned the kitchen again, including vacuuming up all of the kale bits off my floor (sorry neighbors!) hit the shower, and went to bed.
I SWEAR I was asleep 5 minutes before the alarm went off at 5:20... Ahhhhh
More later! Sorry for the late-blog... Clearly there was no time. And even it I had blogged, I would have been spewing so much venom no one would have ever read my blog again :( 12 hrs later... and I'm still not over it.
Today will be a better day... Today will be a  better day.....
Hi ho, hi ho, it's back to work I go...

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  1. For juice, check with your local Smoothie King if you have one, that's the only place I've found in STL that juices (I've spent countless hours and wasted trips searching for it). With regards to shellac, sign me up sister! I SO clicked that link and my fav salon does it, thx for the tip chica! Keep up the good work, it's almost over (k, techinically it is cuz I'm way behind reading blogs, so CONGRATS!).