Saturday, February 5, 2011

DAY 27 - Hold It Against Me

I can NOT believe that I just wrote "Day 27"... This is crazy!!! I guess time flies when you're having fun? Or maybe it's more like... time flies when you're so busy you don't even know what day it is! LOL...

Cleanse Day 2 - done and done!! 40 reps (yeahhhh) legs/arms, and 35R/50L arms. It took me pretty much 3 hours. Oy... It's ok!! Only three more dayssssss. I can do this!!

Another busy day today, and I did not accomplish all that I had intended. Started off making kiwi puree and getting ready for my hair appointment. Scarfed down some blueberry applesauce before leaving. Great (and MUCH needed) cut by Dirk at Bradley + Diegel Salon in Boston. For those who know me, know that I LOVE a good blow-out. And Dirk did a fantastic job!! Too bad I was just coming home to put it in a ponytail to TAM... oh well! lol. Few errands later, I headed home for some beet kale juice and carrot edamame puree. And then... I fell asleep! Completely narcoleptic. I did not have that hour to lose. But obviously, I needed it. After some tomato gazpacho I got to TAMing, followed by sweet potato puree, a shower, kale juice and some QT w my man. Then moved on to the chick noodle soup, cleaned up a bit, Private Practice with a side of choco pudding, and voila! The day is over. What in the world?? This day went by so fast. Literally, too fast. Yes, I was supposed to study today. No, I did not. Tomorrow - I will STUDY. I have to at least take a practice exam (3 hrs)... Plus 3 hrs of TAMing... plus going into the back bay for a bridesmaid dress fitting.... It's gonna be a long day peeps. BUT seriously? I can manage pretty much anything at this point.

Today, I am feeling strong, capable, and ready for the last 3 days. I can do this!! There was some downward movement on the scale today (woo!!) but I have decided I will save the cleanse results for the end... I will just indicate on a daily basis which way the scale moved - up, down, flat - for those who are curious.

If I were to do BC again, or advise anyone who was planning to do BC I would recommend planning it out so that you end on a Friday. Not a Tuesday. It is not really tons of fun to cleanse on the weekend. Now, it would be completely fantastic to finish on a Friday, wake up Sat. morning, eat clean all day and then have a fantastic dinner out for date night or night out w friends. Absolutely fabulous! Especially if you had your hair blown out that very day ;) The GOOD thing about cleansing on the weekend is that you can make your juices right before you drink them, and it doesn't seem so nightmare-ish when its not 12am on a "school night." Also, if I were to do the cleanse again (which I actually plan on doing on a semi-normal basis) I would absolutely NOT be juicing my own kale leaves. I will figure out another way.... Order from pressed? Or the juice press? Or find someone to open a juice bar in Boston, and then go there. Seriously, that's my plan. No more of this nonsense. Unless someone were to buy me a kick-ass juicer. But at this point... I think I'd rather have these or these or these.... Valentine's Day... anyone?? ;-) jk

OK, off to dream about kale juice and applesauce!!

27 days down....
3 TO GO!!!!!!!


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  1. Oh man I loved ending on a Sunday. That way on my last 2 miserable days I didn't have to go to work! You are so almost done!!! Rock it out!

    <3 Jen