Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Aftermath.... 14 days down, 14 to go!!

Hey there peeps!! It’s been a while…. But don’t fret my pets…. I have not fallen off the wagon – completely.

I am just back from a lovely long weekend in sunny FL! For those of you know me/who read my blog, you know that I HATE the cold (Boston) and LOVE the sun (Florida). You might be asking yourself the same question that I am currently asking…. then why do I live here?? Maybe one of these days I will sit down and make a serious pro/con list. But for now, I will continue being a massochist…. and look forward to my next trip (2 weeks from today – WOOOOO!!).

Ok, SO – here we are 14 days post-BC, with 14 days to go until my next bikini debut. We have some work to do my friends!! But first, an update:

I completed boot camp on 2/8 at 105.5 lbs, and made it down to 104 five days later. I was able to do this with my post-BC plan of Tracy DVDs (PD1), cardio dance (at Equinox some days and BC cardio others), eating clean, and yes – splurging (on wine… and chocolate chips…. and lots of dried cranberries). Seriously, the chocolate chip/dried cranberry splurging was getting out of control. I am happy to say that there are none left, so that will no longer be an option. And yes, there are none because I ate them ALL before my trip….. Whatever!!

As I am writing this, I have no idea the damage I did over vaca. 5 days of eating pretty clean by day, and splurging big time by night. I was able to squeeze in PD1 twice, GOOP Arms/V-Day Abs every day, and BC cardio once. Also there was lots of walking involved… including a 45 min power walk along Vanderbilt Beach in Naples yesterday. It was fab! I guess all in all not tooooo bad. But I could have done a little more working out and a little less ice cream and chocolate covered gummi bear consuming. C’EST LA VIE!

Today, I wasn't really on my best behavior.... Pretty much followed the vaca plan - good clean eating by day and then tonight I ate a bunch of weird/random stuff.

But onto some GOOD NEWS - One post-BC tool that I have found to be very effective is a shared google doc with my friend, Kristie. In this doc we each have a tab where each day we list our workouts, food consumption, weight, and measurements (to be input weekly). I tried to copy/paste here but I'm having trouble with the formatting... Maybe I will figure it out later.

Tomorrow, I will wrap up PD1 and squeeze in some BC Cardio. I am really excited for PD2, everyone seems to love it!! Over the next 2 weeks, I am going to embark on my own little mini-boot camp. I have several social obligations (read: eating fests) to attend, and will have to find the balance between good behavior and splurging. I will not binge on dried fruit and hidden chocolate stashed in the back of my cabinet (oops) and I will complete PD2, do cardio at LEAST 10 (of the 14) days, and continue with GOOP arms and V-Day abs. Seriously, I think I see a difference in my shoulder definition from GOOP already! <3 Also, March 1-3 I am planning to do the 3-day V-Day cleanse… Has anyone done this yet?? If so, would love to hear your experience!!

Here's a little THINspiration for you all!!

Good night peeps.
Cheers to staying on the TAM track!!


  1. Yay you didn't fall into a-non TAM abyss! Sounds like you're doing great. Be sure to report on the V-Day cleanse I'm interested to hear how it goes!

    <3 Jen

  2. Hey Kerri, I'm starting Monday on the metamorphosis. I also started a blog as a great way to stay accountable. I'm hoping to go the 90 days, so it will definitely be a challenge. I'm also 26 but I have more weight to lose and toning to do. I'm gonna catch up on your journey and any tips and support would ge much appreciated!

  3. Hi Jamie, thanks for stopping by the blog!! I am happy to answer any questions you have and support along the way!! I am 13 days into Hipcentric Metamorphihs, so still definitely on the TAM bandwagon!
    Email me any time walsh [dot] kerri @ gmail [dot] com or message me on facebook!
    Good luck!!