Monday, February 7, 2011

DAY 29 - Hold On For One More Day

I mean, is this a joke?? Tomorrow is the LAST DAY??

Despite all of the trials and tribulations of inundating myself with TAM and committing to 30 days of by the book bootcamp, I really can't believe its almost over! Key word being ALMOST.

Tomorrow marks the 30th - and final - day. OMG.

This morning, I completed my last TAM BC-cardio. Tomorrow, I am rewarding myself by going to my FAVORITE cardio dance class. I am going to sweat with lauren hefez!!! I assure you all, her dance cardio is way more challenging than the TAM bootcamp one. LOL. And, what the heck, right?

One more day of 5:30 wake up, one more day of beet/dirt juice, one more day of 2+ hours on the mat, one more day of mastication-free food, one more day!!!!!

So, for the sake of full disclosure - I have been a bit skeptical about some of the TAM moves. Especially some of the sequence 3 ab stuff.... Particularly the tuck crunch with 1, 2, 3 cross legs and frog bend (if you don't know what I mean... sorry, pretty hard to explain). However, today I worked out in a sports bra and was studying my stomach while doing said move and you can REALLY see it working the v-shaped abs. Like for real! So, Tracy - you brilliant biatch - you win! And no, I would never go out in public in the sports bra... we're not there yet... But it's a pretty fab sports bra and I was really HOT. lol... in temperature that is ;)

So as I mentioned in the last post, this morning I "paid the price" of eating my choco puddin' so late. I actually gained weight! What the....? Who gains weight on a cleanse? Seriously!! LOL Hoping tomorrow will be back on the right track... We'll see. Fingers crossed, hopes high!

I was feeling hungrier than usual today... Maybe I'm was not drinking enough water? Or maybeeee I was just so anxious for today to be over so I can A. end the epic manic Monday (GMAT class after work = very long day) or B. move on to day 30!! LOL Since I was in class from 7 until 10, I ended up finishing my "meals" pre-7pm. Hoping this will bode well for me in the am :)

In other news.... I really am loving the sweet potato/white corn puree. I know some other BC'ers have hated on it, but what's not to love?? I will post pictures of all of the cleanse items tomorrow for your viewing pleasure :) I keep forgetting to "capture" the tomato gazpacho. But don't worry - tomorrow is the day!!

OK, clearly I have way too much energy for 12am on a school night. And to think... all this without caffeine!! Who have I become? Not sure, but I most certainly will be enjoying some morning coffee on Wed!

A little inspiration before I sign off.... Maybe one day :)

1 DAY TO GOOOOO!!!! :)


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