Tuesday, February 8, 2011

DAY 30 - SWEAT is the ONLY fairy dust :)

Well, peeps... I did it!!!!!! I can hardly believe that it's all over.

30 days, by the book, Tracy Anderson Method BOOTCAMP!!!! Done and Done!!!

I will report final weigh in/measurements tomorrow. Today there was no movement on the scale, and I was feeling pretty bad about it. But then, I went back and looked at some other TAM bloggers' cleanse results, and it appears as though I am not the only one fighting the scale during this phase. It seems as though the real results come across in inches rather than lbs (and who doesn't want that?!)... so I look forward to facing the pink measuring tape in the am... When it is actually light out.... because I can sleep til 7:30!! Woo!!

Now, a  note on my personal contingency plan. For the foreseeable weeks, I will continue to eat as clean as possible. I will continue muscle work and cardio dance. But I will take days off, and I will indulge in the finer things in life. I have already set up lunch dates, and dinners and I am not afraid of gaining back an ounce or undoing the work of the past 30 days. I am a regimented person and very dedicated when I set my mind to something. And when I said - Tracy Anderson here I come! - I meant it.

I currently have the Perfect Design Series (1-3) as well as the Mat Workout DVD. That is my muscle plan for the next 2 months (give or take), rocking it 5-6 times per week. My cardio plan is cardio dance 4-6 days per week mixing up Equinox-style dance (a la lauren hefez), BC cardio (for it's accessibility and ability to be done anywhere) and I may foray into some of TA's other cardio (i.e. treadmill dance). Sounds like enough to keep me TAMtastically challenged while continuing on the path to being a Fit Fiona!!

I am taking tomorrow off, and then Thursday BRING IT PDS!!! Tomorrow I will add some more BC reflections, thoughts and recommendations for those who may be considering bringing TAM into your life. I will say this - it is a truly incredible and mind-opening experience. It takes serious commitment. But, commitment = results.

Ok folks... so here it is. As a tribute to my VERY LAST DAY on the TAM 30-day method, and my very last day on the cleanse here you have it -

A day in the life of the TAM CLEANSE!! (Each is a 4 oz serving.)

7am: Kiwi Puree (this no longer phases me... at this point I am just indifferent)
9am: Blueberry Applesauce (no clue why the image flips when I added it to the blog... I swear I took it straight!)
11am: Kale Spinach Beet Juice (...holding on tight so no one will come and steal it!!)
1 pm: Edamame & Carrot w/ Cayenne (looks worse than it tastes... Seriously, whats not to love about edamame + cayenne pepper? for real!)
3pm: Tomato Gazpacho (SO glad I skipped the red onion here. It tastes so fresh and simple!)
5pm: Sweet Potato Corn Pudding (yummmm) w/ Kale Juice (seriously, kale + apples = delish! ...and yes, that is an ice cube)

7pm: Chicken Protein Soup (I know some other people pureed this soup. I just double checked and nowhere does it say to do so. But hey - if you did more power to you!! I think it is delish as is. While I formally mocked this soup for not being much protein... I have in fact grown to love it)

9pm: Choco Chestnut Pudding - And then God said - let there be pudding!

Well folks... there it is!! Not to shabby huh??

That's all for now!! Tomorrow is D-Day.... THE FINAL weigh in/measurements... Stay tuned!!
I just still can't believe I'm done. While the past 30 days have been challenging (to say the least) I feel strong, capable, and accomplished. I truly ROCKED IT by the book for 30 days. I will never look back and say I shouldn't have done that or I could have done it differently or better. Because I did my very best... and am better off for it. I learned a system that WORKS for ME. I learned that I am STRONGER than I thought possible. And I learned that even me - the QUEEN of excuses and rationalizations - can wake up every single day before dawn to rock it out!

Tracy Anderson, you ROCK MY WORLD!!

So CHEERS to 30 Days down....
And never looking back :)


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  1. yaaaay!!! Congratulations Kerri!!!!!! please post some before and after pics? :) I'm reading your blog backwards, and I read it every single day to compare our thoughts on BC!