Monday, February 7, 2011

DAY 28 - So TAM Close!!!

Sorry for the late post peeps. Sundays are clearly just not a good day for me to blog. Especially yesterday - which was my main squeeze's last day before going to FL for 2 months. We needed some extra-QT :)

SO.... Stayed the same on the scale yesterday. No biggie. Powered through the day on my 4 oz purees. No prob bob. Fitting everything else in - tough stuff!!

Yesterday was super busy with GMAT studying, bridesmaid dress fitting, TAMTAM (40 reps legs/abs, 35L/50R arms, 30 mins cardio = 2hrs 40mins), and more GMAT study. I have to take a practice exam by my class tonight... And have had a very difficult time finding 3+ hrs to sit down and get to it. I managed to get through 1 section... The rest I will do today at some point.

I really can't believe that this is almost over! A few mid-cleanse thoughts...
- I stand by my word that juicing sucks. Plain and simple.
- It is kind of difficult to make yourself eat every 2 hours. I haven't been great at it, and didn't eat my choco pudding until almost 11 last night... oops! I paid for it today tho... More on that later.
- I really am loving the fact that I did this - TAM, BC, cleanse, etc. - just for me. Not for an event, or a trip, or a "goal"... Just for LIFE. Now, the maintenance will be more goal driven... for those events, those trips, those "goals" - whatever they may be.... like looking hot in a Daniela Corte Argentinian-cut bikini, for example. ;)
- I am REALLY, REALLY looking forward to the day - which will be Wednesday!!! - when I can squeeze in a 1 hr. TAMtastic workout no problem! I am ready to get back to life. Life will now include 1 hr TAM 5-6 days a week + 4-6 cardio workouts... (until meta....) But this is soooooo doable!! On about my 3rd left leg-move (push up with leg lift... ahhhh) I was like - OMG after tomorrow, I will be DONE at this point in the workout! How cool is that??

Until then.... I am SO TAM CLOSE!!!

28 down....
2 TO GO!!!!!!!!


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  1. I am soo proud of you BC!!!! and can't wait to ZUMBA with you tomorrow.... woooooo!!! :) xoxoxo