Friday, February 4, 2011

DAY 26 - My Humps

What you gonna do with all that junk?
All that junk inside your trunk?
I'm a get, get, get, get, you drunk,
Get you love drunk off my humps!

...Until today!! Because today is CLEANSE day numero uno!! After finally calming down from last night's debacle, I started rocking the cleanse. Not too shabby!! I took some pics but forgot others, so will post "a day in the (eating) life" tomorrow for those who are curious. 9 servings of 4 oz foods. Not bad... Although, a little word to the wise.... Dwight Schrute is a LIAR!! Beet juice is NOT delicious.

Now, those of you who know me know that when I met my bf he had this adorable idea that all vegetables "taste like dirt." We have come a longgggg way since then, and he even eats kale!! Imagine that?! Well, my friends... Beet juice tastes like dirt. Take that Dwight Schrute!

After only sleeping 5 hours I was REALLY REALLY tired this morning. Now, there are days when I feel like I want to fall asleep on my mat. But today, it wasn't even that I just felt like snuggling on the blue rubber mat. My eyes felt like they were drooping down my face, my eyes and head were just SPENT. My body, on the other hand, was really rocking the leg reps. The moves were feeling ...dare I say it.... easier! But my ass kicking leg lifts ultimately lost the battle... and after 1:40 mins of sequence 3 legs (35 reps each - both legs) I knew I had to go back to sleep if I was going to survive an entire day of working and studying and cleansing.

I went back to sleep for an hour, pulled myself together and made it though. Work + 2 hrs studying + cleansing + 35 reps abs + 35 reps (right arm) and 50 reps (left arm) + 40 mins cardio + shower + choco pudding amazingness = SUCCESS. Yes, the arms sound weird... But I swear my right arm is significantly more TAMtastic than my left... so I need to be drastic for the next few days.

I made it through day 1 of the cleanse. And I think I did a pretty freaking good job :) the food was sufficient - I selected the 4 oz every 2 hours plan. You get to eat again before you're even hungry!! Genius. And seriously, finishing the day enjoying the chestnut pudding in bed while watching grey's anatomy on literally made my week.

Tomorrow, I'm ready for the cleanse! I'm ready to up my legs/abs to 40 (OMG!) and I'm ready to be that much closer to the finish line! I also scheduled my post - BC workouts for the 2 weeks following the 30 days. I cannot wait to only have to do 60 mins of muscle work... Imagine that!!

Seriously, I remember reading Laura's blog before I started BC and was like "Why does it take her soooo long to finish the workouts? There's no way I would EVER do 3 hrs a day." Well peeps.... little did I know that I would become that 3 hr/day freakazoid. It will be nice to break up the muscle work and cardio (i.e. not both 7 days/week) with the flexibility of sleeping until 730/8 once or twice a week. It will seem like a breeze!

I'm just stating for the record... that next Wednesday - 2/9 - I am not working out. I am taking the  day off!! I will eat like a TAMtastic Fit Fiona, but I am going to sleep in before work have some coffee, maybe even blow out my hair (its been a wet-ish bun kind of month....) and probably make it to the office before 9 (nearly an impossible task these days...).

OMG one last thing. So last night, I was obviously wired, on edge, etc. and having "night before the cleanse" syndrome. I was literally 1/2 awake all night DREAMING that I was missing my 1st "meal" because I was sleeping. The 1st meal today was kiwi puree... for the record... and I was worried I was missing it - Ha! I looked at my phone in a panic at 4 am thinking I was oversleeping for the cleanse.... Problems!! Tonight, I plan to sleep soundly dreaming of coffee and shiny hair.

More snow/rain/sleet tomorrow... Hopefully I can maintain some type of inspiration!
I hope everyone has a TAMtastic weekend!! Can you beliiiieeeeeve its the last one???

26 days down...
4 TO GO!!!!!!!

Night night!

PS - I LOVE that its 10:15 on a Friday and I'm going to sleep! HAHAHAA such a nerd!

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