Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DAY 24 - Public Affair

Day 24 - Yowza!! Can't believe it, tomorrow is my last day before the CLEANSE!!

So today - worked from home which made fitting in TAM much easier. I got to sleep in a bit, which was nice and much needed. I have been feeling pretty sluggish the past couple days, and I think my pity party yesterday took a lot out of me. Going to hit the hay early tonight ready to rock it out bright and early tomorrow!!

Today, I did 35 reps abs/legs and 50 reps arms (5 extra for the left side... I couldnt remember how many extra I added yesterday - tomorrow I will rectify!) followed by 40 mins of cardio. It truly is a blessing that the legs go first because it takes so much out of you!! Finishing the muscle with with arms makes u forget how horrible the leg portion is. Then the cardio really ends things on a high note. Hallelujah for that! Today the entire workout took me 2:20... improvement from yesterday at least!!

I was down a pound this am! WOO! Tomorrow I will measure to see the pre-cleanse progress.

In other news, I saw this pic online today of J-Simps leaving TA's studio in LA! Good for her! She could use a good butt kicking... And she has a wedding to get ready for!! If anyone can help her, TA can :)

Then....                                                                Now.....

RED HOT photo | Jessica Simpson 
Good eating day today - spinach/chickpea omelet for bfast, broccoli puree soup for lunch (OMG soooo much better when u eat it directly after making it instead of reheating), mango for snack (yum!) and salmon with steamed broc for din. Seriously, I can not believe how much I have been enjoying the salmon. Pre-TAM I exclusively ate salmon in sushi - not smoked, not grilled, nothing but raw.

So anyways, it was a decent day today. Still feeling tired, but hoping for a good day tomorrow. At least it won't be snowing!! And my main squeeze gets home from a business trip :) What's better than that?? Sorry for the lame-ish blog. Hopefully the pics of JS helped keep y'all entertained!!

24 days down...
6 days to go!!! Ahhhhh!!


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  1. Yay go you! You're on the home stretch. Get ready for the cleanse!