Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DAY 31 - Don't Dream Its Over

Where to even begin?!?! Day 31 - 1st day off BC.

I had almost forgotten what freedom felt like! The ability to wake up at 7:30, blow dry and straighten my hair, enjoy a delectable cup of morning coffee - I mean WOW! The little things, right??

Menu for the day:
1 cup black coffee
Breakfast - 4 oz plain kefir w/ 1c pineapple
Lunch - 8-9oz roasted turkey w/ 1c broc & cauliflower
Snack - Apple w. 2 tbsp Teddie's pb (maybe a little more than 2 tbsp... I was finishing the container)
Dinner - Steamed Turkey with Kale and dried cranberries (subbed for golden raisins)

So overall, still pretty TAMtastic!! For a few reasons... I have tons of TAMtastic food in my fridge. I also received a box from Boston organics yesterday filled will ALL TAM-approved fruits and veggies (kale, lettuce, beets, sweet potatoes, kiwi, oranges, apples, pears, bananas). I also really loved the BC food (for the most part), and I have always eaten low-carb so these items are not too far off the normal course for me. I do not plan to jump back into processed foods, or oils, or overly sauced items... I am saving those things for dinners-out so I can have what I really want. But I will not eat TAM-only foods every day. However, it will certainly be a learning curve. My goals from here are to maintain the weight and continue to tone!!

So... onto to the weight and the toning and the measurements. I have been really hesitant to post some of these numbers here... But since so many other people have posted theirs, and have HELPED me track my own progress.... here goes nothing....

Kerri's TAM 30 Day Challenge
Start: 1/10/2011
End: 2/8/2011
Measurements (inches)
Chest - Top3129
Chest - Widest3330.5
Chest - Bottom29.526.5
Waist 2825
Bicep - R9.59.5
Bicep - L109.75
Thigh - R2219.5
Thigh - L21.519.75
Calf - R1312.25
Calf - L1312.25
Weight (lbs.)116.5105.5
BMI (kg/m²)21.419.3
Body Fat (%)28.40%22.70%
Lean Mass (lbs.)83.481.6
Fat, fluid, etc. (lbs.)33.123.9

There you have it!! If anyone is interested in more detail, I weighed myself every day and measured every 5 days, so I have TONS of more data. Shoot me an email or facebook message, and I will be happy to send you the details. :)

Some of the more interesting things I noted were the following:
  • I lost 11 lbs in total, including 9.2 lbs of non-lean mass (what I call fat, fluids, etc.)
  • Total inches lost = 22" (this is not the most reliable of statistics but I figured I'd include anyway)
  • During the middle of bootcamp (days 10-20) the #s on the scale didn't move much, however this is REALLY when I lost the most non-lean mass and body fat %, particularly in the ab-area.
  • During the cleanse, I lost a total of 2.5 lbs and around 2-4% off of each of my measurements!! Not too shabby! I guess my muscles really were BOLTING together!!
  • My biceps and calves did not change drastically in circumference, but they are much more toned and much more lean :)
  • Clearly I will need to order the HIPcentric Metamorphosis!
Ok - so there you have it! I am very happy with the results - I'll put it out there. I am in a good place, and have clear goals of what still needs to be tightened and toned.

Bootcamp turned out to be exactly what TA said it would be - a jumpstart towards achieving the results you have always wanted!! My personal weight loss story started about 3 years ago... Growing up, I was a competitive dancer. Always long and lean. Around senior year of high school and into college I started dancing less and less, ultimately stopping all together. Over this time I gained a significant amount of weight. Going from a naturally thin person to more of a chubby chica. I am 5'2" and at one point owned a pair of GAP jeans in size 8. (holy crap - why do I admit these things??). I yo-yo'd throughout college - losing weight during summers, and gaining some back throughout the school year. Fitness was not part of my life.

A few years out of school, something just clicked. It was time for me to get myself back into shape. I cut the carbs (not in a high-fat/protein Atkins kind of way... but more in a no white starches/bread/pasta/etc.) and started working out. I started with mat based exercise 3x a week at a local studio, I increased the intensity my dieting - I was on a strict diet of yoplait light yogurt for breakfast, fruit as a snack, a south beach meal bar for lunch, a rice cake w pb for afternoon snack and grilled chicken w veg for dinner. I was very regimented and went on to drop over 20 lbs. This worked for me. I stopped the mat exercise as soon as I stopped seeing results and joined Equinox. I became more lenient with my eating as the exercising became more intense. I dabbled in long distance running/yoga/tabata/pilates/barre method... pretty much you name it, I've done it! And I maintained the same weight (+/- 5 lbs) for those 3 years.

results that I wanted. It is a very frustrating thing working really hard and knowing exactly what you want, but being unable to attain your goals. I now believe that it is because I never had a method. Welcome Tracy Anderson!! Where have you been all my life?! After 30 days, I am confident that if I stick with the method that I will continue to see the results. The other cult-like followers of TAM are inspiring on a daily basis. The method is challenging in a new way every day.

Bootcamp itself is NOT sustainable. Unless you have no job and a live-in chef. However, the things you learn throughout those 30 days are sustainable. Today, I felt like a bump on a log not working out. My body was confused. I found that I had so much free time, and... I kind of hated it! But I ate clean, felt happy and am looking forward to tomorrow.... Back to my mat I go.... Because there is much more work to be done!! BRING IT PD1!!

I have a ways to go, but I look forward to getting there. With a little help from my new friend, Tracy.



  1. Wow girl, I'm really amazed by your results!!! You have inspired me to step it up!!!! Congratulations! :)

  2. You did it! Your story about yoyoing made me sad I totally did the same thing except it started a lot younger and I finally kicked it last year (god I hope I kicked it! Time will tell...) I'm so proud of you! Stop being a bum tomorrow and start PDS! But today enjoy a day off :)

    <3 Jen

  3. Sooo proud of you Ker and so glad that I have you as my best friend and fellow Fit Fiona :) You have motivated me more than you know! Looking forward to continuing our Equinox dance classes and doing PDS together... and maintaining the spreadsheet... HAHA ;) Love you!! xoxoxox

    ps. I got a laugh out of your SCA diet - yoplait light every day, hahah I remember the days!

  4. Congrats on completing BC, it feels fantastic doesn't it? Great job chica!