Monday, January 10, 2011

DAY 1 - Done and done!!

I survived! Woo! Only 29 more days to go ;)
I was actually surprised by how easy the day was... famous last words, right??
Woke up bright and early, weighed myself (ugh... more on this in a min), stretched, did my muscle work and finished with some kick ass cardio. I only did 20 reps of legs and abs (per the book's instruction for day 1) but I pushed it to 40 reps of arms mainly because I am a sucker for arm work... and I could!! Tomorrow I am going to up the legs/abs. Maybe 30 legs/abs tomorrow, 40 Wed. All followed by 40 minutes of cardio. Straight up, jumpy, bust-a-move dancing cardio. I felt happy at the end of it all,  energized... it was fun!
All in, it took 2 hours. I am hopeful that once I get the hang of it I will be able to go a little quicker, but I was really focused on perfecting every move in the muscle series.
The day kind of flew by since I was so busy at work... I didn't even have time to think about how much I missed normal daily menu (oatmeal, banana, salad, apple) lol.
The most amazing part of the day for me was that I did not even have ONE cup of coffee... This is huge for me. While I set out at the beginning of this with the intention of having one cup per day (I am not a complete masochist!) I will listen to my body, and see what happens. Ideally, I would love to skip it all together so that I do this BY THE BOOK 100%. But honestly, one cup of coffee never hurt anyone :)
What I did drink was TONS of water! I mean, I normally drink a lot of water. But today I really went above and beyond. Lemon water to be exact. Nice change of pace.
So... at the end of day 1, I am still a little upset by my "starting" weight. I was several pounds above norm. Likely attributed the the tacos, pizza and burger I consumed over the weekend LOL But anyways, hoping tomorrow it's back to norm!
Pretty tired but I think this is mainly because I barely slept last night... "night before TAM" excitement.... and because I spent 3 hours in the kitchen - again. Those who know me know that prior to a year ago my cooking skills included microwaving bags of vegetables. My how things have changed!
Looking forward to challenging myself in the workout tomorrow, and to getting one day closer to achieving my 30 day goal!! For better or for worse :)
For your entertainment, below are some pics of some food and my overly-stocked fridge... Enjoy!!

 I have never had a fridge so packed!! It still overwhelms me a little. LOL
 Breakfast - 1 cup chopped strawberries, 1 tsp agave, 1tsp mint... Not too shabby!! (lemon water in back)
 Soup glorious soup! All 8 ounces....
 I actually enjoyed it! But I admit... was still hungry when I was done. Chugged a lemon water, and voila! I moved on partially satisfied.
Lastly, SNACK!! Yum-o! Chocolate chestnut "pudding". This was a very welcome treat! And honestly, more filling than lunch. I believe this is a fan favorite recipe. Apologies for all of the post its... and the gchat in the background LOL :)

I forgot to take a picture of dinner, but it was delish! Poached cod w/ roasted asparagus... To be honest, not too different than a normal dinner for me. I am worried I'm eating too much, or doing something wrong because so far, I feel like this is doable.... Maybe its just all about mind over matter.

Day 1 = success!

That's all for now, tomorrow... we do it again!


PS - It has come to my attention that I made several typos in my previous posts. If anyone is interested in being a pro bono blog editor, let me know... Otherwise, I will try my best but please excuse any minor oversights!!  ;-)


  1. Great job on Day 1. Is that a sippy cup holding your lemon water? :-)

  2. HAHA, basically! It is like a measuring cup with lid from gnc.