Tuesday, January 11, 2011

DAY 2 - Made it through!!

Hola amigos! 2 days down, 28 to go!

Good news - I slept really well last night! Must have been food coma (haha yeah right!) from my poached tilapia w roasted asparagus. I will say, so far the food has been great. Very delicious, and just feels so "clean". As I've mentioned before, I tend to eat pretty healthy but for some reason, I'm kind of digging the no processed foods thing... like a ton :) +10 points Tracy!

This morning I was not quite as peppy as I was yesterday. I pressed "snooze" on my alarm only to immediately regret it. I got out of bed before the 2nd alarm even went off... freak. Pleased to report that I was -2.5 on the scale this morning, which I pretty much expected. I normally "bounce back" from weekend eating on Tuesdays. So now, my weight is what I consider "normal" for me. I will likely consider today's weight my starting weight so as not to over exaggerate any ultimate weight loss.

I upped my reps to 30 (40 for arms). Today the work felt significantly harder. Maybe because my muscles were tired from yesterday? Maybe because it was before 6am? Maybe I'm just doing them right?... Ah ha! (Side note - I inquired about the doubling up of right/left ab work... turns out I was right. one right + one left = 1 rep... Thanks to all of the TAM enthusiasts who answered me so quickly!!)  And then came cardio. Now, I love cardio. I grew up a dancer, which is one of the reasons why I became so invested in the TA method - it's all based on TA's dancing background. So for me, cardio is like the dessert portion of the workout. But today I pretty much stomped through the first series bc I was cranky and tired. BUT - I pushed through the wall, and by the third series I was literally rocking it out. I made it through all 40 mins. I imagine next week I'll up it to 50 mins (5 series).

One of the funny things about working out in your home is that it really doesn't matter what you look like. I literally roll out of bed, throw on whatever workout clothes in my dark drawer touch my hands first and get to it. Today's outfit was particularly entertaining. I normally like to match. My fitness wardrobe is mainly comprised of black and pink... But today I was wearing all sorts of mismatching colors. Thankfully Tracy did not seem to mind ;-) She kicked my (light purple) booty just the same. I will say this kept me mildly entertained for the 2 hours and 10 mins it took me to work it out.

I will up my reps again tomorrow - woo! I'm just hoping it doesn't add much more time to the repertoire. I honestly don't know how much earlier I can get up!! I'm pretty much leaving just enough time as it is to get in the 2 hours and get to the office before 9. I'm not exactly what one would consider a "morning person".... but I am trying!! 5:30 wake ups + no coffee... I'm pretty much turning into one of those pre-dawn overachievers!! *sigh*

Onto the FOOD! Breakfast was an egg "wrap" (2 egg whites) with mushrooms, zucchini, spinach and 2 tbsp of quinoa (one of my favs!). The book said you could make this the night before for busy mornings... which I tend to have. When I opened the container with a cold fomelet (read: fake-omelet) I was less than impressed. But I must say... it wasn't half bad! And much more filling than yesterday's chopped strawberries. Next time, I would make it right before eating... But loved the idea of adding quinoa. See pic below (half eaten... oops)!

Lunch was a delish little ensalada. Spinach, tomatoes, chestnuts, chopped red onion and a hard boiled egg. Really Tracy? I could have done without the raw onion... I felt like my breath was kickin' all day! Sorry co-workers :-/ Anyways, I would def repeat this... The balsamic/djion dressing was delish, but why did I have to make an entire cup of the dressing? Maybe that will be a staple in the future?

So I've been wondering - what is up with the chestnuts?? Chestnut pudding, chestnuts in salads. I don't really think I've ever eaten this many chestnuts in my life!! So here it is - kind of genius, really.

Nutritional Value of Chestnut: chestnuts which crumble in the mouth to give a sweet flavour, unlike other nuts, are low in fat. Being low in fat, it is often compared to grains. It also has good amount of dietary fiber.
Chestnuts are enriched with large amounts of Manganese, Potassium, Copper, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Iron. Zinc and Calcium are also present in small amounts. These nuts are a power house of Vitamin C. Vitamin B6, Thiamin, Folate and Riboflavin are the other nutrients which chestnuts are enriched with. Good amounts of Niacin and Pantothenic Acid are present. Traces of Vitamin A are also found.
Health Benefits of Chestnut: Like all other nuts, chestnuts prevent heart risks, provides energy, are very low in cholesterol and mainly are good to include in diet as other grains. Preventing common cold and enhancing fertility in men are the health benefits which comes with the presence of Vitamin C.

Snack was a large serving of cucumbers with edamame and mint. Seriously... this was a LOT of cucumber. 

Dinner was poached chicken (in lieu of turkey breast) with kale, carrot, celery, golden raisins in a vegetable broth. Kind of like a soup... Not too shabby!! I obviously forgot to take a pic but was left feeling satisfied :)

I am TIRED tonight. I am praying for a snow day from work so I can catch a few extra Zzzzzz's!! Fingers crossed New Englanders! If not, I will rise and shine before the break of dawn and make it work. Day 3 here I come!! Hopefully a little lighter, a little stronger, and one step closer to my 30 day goal!!

Here is a little tidbit from an interview Tracy recently did for Contact Music.... Another reason I love her is bc she says it like it is. "Everyone knows you need exercise to be healthy, but health is not enough. I have seen that vanity is the most powerful motivator, because once these women see what my method does for their looks, that's it. Then, because they see their bodies changing, their mind-set changes. They're in a better mood. Focused. They learn to love to sweat, to detoxify. They crave it."

Here's to vanity! LOL


PS - Rumor has it JLo will be debuting a new bod by Tracy Anderson in American Idol's Jan 19th debut! I wonder if she is on the 30 day BC?

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  1. Hooray for day 2!!! Your blog rocks Ker - love the chestnut detail - now I REALLY need to get my hands on the pudding! haha.

    I think I will comment on your blog daily justtt to give you that extra support when times start to get tough (if they do, you rockstar you).


    ps. I'm sure Tracy liked your Barney the Dinosaur pants... although not as cute without the dark purple lulu top! haha.