Saturday, January 29, 2011

DAY 20 - You're a Fireworkkkkk

2/3 down!!! Can you believe it???
Today was a pretty good day. I completed Sequence 2!!! And, it didn't kill me :)
40 reps abs/legs, 50 reps arms + 40 mins cardio... And it took 2 hrs 20 mins! Imagine that!

So today was a busy today... and I missed breakfast :-/ there just was no time!! Does this count as cheating?? I certainly hope not!! Lunch was tofu/kale soup which was great. I love eating the soups much more than I enjoy making them... After the photo shoot today I was running around trying to find 4 oz to-go containers when it occurred to me that I was starving!!! So... I literally ate my snack in my car. LOL What have I come to?? Luckily for me, I had my apple and peanut butter in tow. I ate the 2 tablespoons of peanut butter with a plastic spoon, and then had the apple literally while I was driving. And let me tell you... I hate when people EAT when they drive! Especially sandwiches... not sure why but it just really bugs me. Anyways, moving on...

Tonight, I had a dinner guest to enjoy TA's veggie burgers over romaine. While I enjoyed the turkey burger much more, this was not bad - despite being a much messier version. My TAMtastic dinner date - Kristie - has been serving as my sounding board throughout my TAM journey. She was so sweet as to pretend that the veggie burger was a. fulfilling, and b. delish... She even "rocked out" to PD1 today!! Gooo Kristie :) Special shout out/thanks BC!! Baby, you're a fireworkkkkk... this blog's for you!

Looking forward to the new sequence tomorrow, and thankful that I can start it on a weekend so I can really focus on perfecting each move without the time restraints. Only 5 more days until the CLEANSE and only 10 more days until I am finito!

20 days down...
10 days to go!!!
Bring is sequence 3!!!!

That's all for now...
I hope everyone's having a TAMtastic weekend :)


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  1. Hooray for 10 more days - wooo! 21 days without seeing you was FAR too long. Thanks again for my TAMtastic meal (followed by non TAM-approved tootsie roll and starbucks chocolate toffee butter delight or whatever the heck it was! oops.)... oh and Dear John - that was thrilling, HAHA.

    Ok keep up the good work BC, you can do it! ...because baby you're a fiiiireeewooorrrrkk!!! xoxoxo