Friday, January 21, 2011

DAY 12 - Another day, another dollar

Hey y'all!! It's been a longggg day!

5:45 am - muscle work. 30 reps legs/abs, 40 reps arms... One note - SERIOUSLY with those crunch with diagonal leg kick/twist?? yowza!
 Took me 1:30 againnn, so I put off cardio until after work for the second day in a row. While I loved it yesterday, today I was sooo tired. I will not make a habit of splitting them up.

Today was by far the worst eating day to date.
Breakfast - poached salmon omelet. Honestly, was worse in theory than in actuality. But not one of my favs. Although I will say, tons of protein!
Lunch - roasted vegetables. Really a disappointing lunch, and not a big fan of the chili powder.
Snack - the glorious cucumber mint concoction... lol
Cardio - busted out 40 solid minutes! (after an accidental post work nap... oops!)
Dinner - poached cod w braised leeks. Ehh..

Anyways, following this epic day I had a great night out w my girlfriends. Being a sober sister isn't so bad after all ;)

-1 lb this morning... 5 in total. Not too shabby, hopefully I can keep moving in this direction!

Feeling a little unmotivated today; tomorrow - WEEKEND at last!! I will be back to business :)

I have pics of bfast and lunch today... will post tomorrow. For now I really need to get some sleep!!

12 down
18 to go
By the book!


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