Friday, January 14, 2011

DAY 4 - Gimme Gimme More!

Forgot to post this last night.... But here you go!

I know that the name of this post is asking for trouble... But I have that ridiculous Britney Spears song circa 2005 stuck in my head, and I think I could take it.... 40 reps tomorrow my friends!! ;)

After my sleep filled day yesterday, I woke up ready to WORK! It's kind of not fair calling it "ready to rock" or "rocking out" because literally, there is very little rocking involved. Anyways! 35 reps of booty/abs work, 40 reps arms followed by my worst cardio effort to date. Don't get me wrong... I did it! All 40 mins, but I was a little sick of the same old same old jumping routine. I was dragging a bit. I even wore a cute outfit to keep myself motivated! Oh well, I powered through! Even with the additional heat generated by my space heater (thanks PP!!). Since I don't turn the heat up allllll the way to 80 (in order not to disturb the slumber of my main squeeze who would not be pleased to wake up dripping sweat), I decided turning the heat up a little, and adding the space heater was a pretty good compromise. Our next place will have to have a climate controlled 2nd bedroom with wall to wall mirrors and mounted speakers for the sole purpose of TAMing.... Guests will wonder what has happened to my taste lol but... its worth it!! Consider it my version of a "man town"... I shall call it TAM town... the home of the teeny tiny ;)

I also decided that weekends I would up the cardio to 60 minutes. I honestly do not have time to add the additional 20 mins on weekday mornings at this point. I think 2 hours and 15 minutes is plenty of time to dedicate to pre-work TAMing... but who knows. This could change.

Food Glorious Food....

Breakfast was a cup of mixed berries - strawberries, blueberries and pomegranate seeds. Pretty good, except I got a pomegranate seed stuck in my tooth! Grrrrrr
Lunch - Chicken Protein Soup. I think it is a stretch to refer to this as protein soup as I'm sure the protein in the 2oz of chicken wasn't thaaaaat significant. But it was not bad! A little bland, but I've had worse :)
Snack - Kiwi Dessert. Ohhhh kiwi dessert, I had such high hopes for you. And while it tasted fine and satisfied my hunger pang, it kind of looked like slime... and I had just hoped for so much more from it. Oh well.

I am finding the food sufficient. Many other TAMers are struggling with this... These other TAMers are also radically losing weight, having flu like symptoms, having a difficult time walking around and shrinking my the minute... I, on the other hand, am not. I am doing this by the book, down to every last detail. I have not so much as licked my finger when prepping my meals for the next day, or skipped one frog leg move because my entire body hurts. Don't get me wrong... I am not deterred!! Still remaining hopeful that my weigh in Monday morning and day 10 re-measuring will produce satisfying results. (scale read -1 today).

I did, however, have a dream last night that I almost cheated. By having a Dunkin Donuts coffee with 1 cream. Really? Of all the things I could dream of... my subconscious chose sub-par coffee? Anyways, even in my dream after ordering it I was so overtaken by guilt I said "I will have a lemon water instead." THAT is how committed I am. I don't even cheat in my dreams. HAHAHA. Yes, I am insane... I totally know this!

Off to make dinner (chicken w/ mango & tomato) and my meals for manana...

I am doing this... BY THE BOOK... Day 4 down. 26 to go.
Bring it Tracy!


PS - did anyone see Khloe Kardashian leaving TA studio with Nicole Richie??? Now those would be interesting results!!... No way she makes it through 30 days tho... Sorry Khlo.


  1. So no joke Gimme More is on my workout music list I'm cracking up :). I had dreams of a "guilt-free" brownie bowl. People kept trying to tell me it was healthy so it was ok but I was panicking about going off the meal plan! I think it's normal :)

  2. Thank you for all of your comments girl!! It is so nice having a few TAM followers :) Gimme more is such a cheesy song (I laugh every time I think of that horrendous video), yet so fab at the same time!!