Friday, January 28, 2011

DAY 19 - My milkshake brings all the...

HAHAHA jk!! I heard this song today during my arm work and honestly had forgotten how much I loved Kelliis... What ever happened to her?? La La, La La La....

Today was another doozie... But I won't spend too much time telling you about how I struggle with sequence 2 because... tomorrow is the last day!!!!! I will be excited for now, and hopefully kick its butt tomorrow, only to sacrifice myself to sequence 3 on Sunday. But HEY - I've come this far, haven't I??? Also, today I did 40 reps legs/abs and 50 reps arms.

Day 2 on the kefir - this time Mango smoothie... 1 c unsweetened/unflavored w. 1/2 c mango. It was awesome.
Lunch was tuna (from the can LOL) with roasted cauliflower and fennel
Snack was SHOT-CAKES... for everyone except for me.... sigh.... Seriously!! Every month, my office has a "birthday party" for all of the employees with birthdays in said month. On the last Friday of each month there is a dessert themed bash/snack attack at 4 pm. And today, there were shot-cakes... aka cupcakes filled with ice cream!! Whaaaaat?! I mean, come onnnnnnn. I have never actually had these decadent delights, but MAN they looked good!! I have really not felt deprived at all during this whole ordeal. But please, click the link and see what I missed!! Yowza. Also, there was a gigantic bowl of tortilla chips in the kitchen by my desk all day!! 2 things I LOVE - ice cream and tortilla chips.
Ok, now that I have sounded like a serious fat kid - I did not, in fact, indulge in any of these SNACKS. Instead, I had my beet/orange/basil mini-salad and chugged lemon water.
Got home, powered through 40 mins cardio and made my shrimp/snap pea/palm/pepper delight for dinner, watched The Best Thing I Ever Ate - Sugar (whyyyy??) and here I am!

Tomorrow is DAY 20 people!! I can hardly believe it!! Time is really flying by. A lot of people told me that I looked tired today... and to be honest, I am feeling a bit drained. Tomorrow (sat.) is unfortunately not an "off" day for me, so I will be up early, cranking out my last go around with Sequence 2 AND doing 40 mins cardio before heading off to do a photo shoot for the day!

So, Nicole Richie is TA's new galpal... NR is literally at the TA studio every single day, drinking pressed juices. Remember this (I guess she's come a longgg way from being extremely ana) or this... yikes! And seriously, I'm not knocking Nicole... I really respect the fact that shes been able to turn her life around. I'm just curious if anyone knows her motivation behind this new healthy/fit lifestyle? Or if she has publicly spoken about it?

On another note, I cannot believe that I forgot a "title" for yesterday's blog... My sincerest apologies!! What a slacker. Hopefully today's made up for it ;)

OK I'm rambling... I will leave you all with a little inspiration in the form of white Emilio Pucci..

19 down...
11 to go....


  1. You are doing awesome, and shoot....who needs shot cakes anyway when you have choco blueberry pudding? ;-)

    You are SO close!!! We got this!

  2. Can you believe you're almost to sequence 3???? You're soooo close! You're gonna be on the last row of the regular diet soon! Aren't you excited!