Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DAY 10 - Alrighty then!!!

Ok, really crazy day - but just wanted to throw together a few quick notes on DAY 10!! The first big mile marker. That's 1/3 through peeps!!

10 days of by the book muscle work, cardio, food, etc. No coffee, no vino, no tortilla chips with fresh guacamole (seriously, both of those things have been in my house the whole time). Good thing I'm a stickler for the rules :) One summer (in college... don't judge), I played a lot of drinking games... I was referred to as "NYPD RULES" for the entire summer. hahaha
Ok so a few reflections...

I wish I had lost another pound or two before reporting. I was back up +0.5 this morning... maybe because my body didn't have time to digest ALL that turkey and broccoli? (only rationalization I could come up with...). I guess I should have been more clear in my plea yesterday that I wanted to lose half of a pound... not gain half of a pound... oh well, lesson learned. This is net weight loss of 3.5 pounds.

Now onto some good news. I am getting stronger. In the beginning, my arms got really tired from holding myself up during the endless repetitions of leg lifts (front/side/back/you name it!). That is the LEAST of my problems these days. LOL. (note: upper body strength is not my strong point) Secondly, my calves are starting to get really defined - in both the front and the back. I notice this during said endless leg lifts...
My stomach is feeling "slimmer," tight workout tops are falling nicer, and my hip bones are making an appearance again (woo!). My shoulders clearly have more definition. I need to continue working them, but they're coming along nicely... I have noticed that my left arm (bicep) is not as defined as the right. I will continue "thinking about" my left arm during the arm reps, and I have been carrying around my purse in my LEFT arm to try and create more strength there... HAHAHA I am serious! But I think it works. We will see.

Measurements were OK. Little loss here, little loss there. Inch here, half inch there. Not sure when you are supposed to measure (time of day? pre-workout? post-workout?)... but I don't think post-workout is the right choice. My biceps increased 1/2 an inch each... really? This clearly was due to having just held myself up for an hour... right? LOL

I am hoping day 15 will yield better measuring results. I will post a table at the end with: Day 2 (first time I measure), 10, 15, 20, (maybe 25), 30 to show progression... but not just yet.

Lastly, a musing on weight loss.... OK. So muscle weighs more than fat, right? Mathematically speaking, I am losing lbs (fat) yet physically speaking, I am gaining strength (muscle). Where are the lbs going? Contrary to what you might think... there is not a lot of hyperactive digestion going on.... Just sayin'.

We'll see what tomorrow brings!! Bring it Sequence 2!!

Hope you all have a TAMtastic day!

PS - A few of you have mentioned having difficulty leaving me messages (have I mentioned I love messages??). Have you tried "following" the blog?? I promise not to SPAM you ;) Pretty sure you can do this using gmail or yahoo accounts. Let me know if anyone continues having trouble with this.

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  1. Keep up the good work hun! Sequence 2 is super fun!

    Good luck tomorrow!

    <3 Jen