Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let the planning begin!

Hola friends and followers (currently I have zero)... I decided to write this blog as a way to document my journey through the Tracy Anderson Method 30 Day boot camp! Since ringing in the new year, I have been thinking of ways to challenge myself mentally, physically, and emotionally... It's time to take charge of my life, and start doing things to make each day better. And, of course, there is no time like the present! I came up with the following:

I will floss once a day. (so far... check!)
I will limit coffee to 2 cups per day. (more challenging than it sounds!)
I will be neater - everyday. (this one is for Eddie lol)
I will take the GMAT. (no more procrastination!)
and.... I will complete the TAM 30 day challenge. (Ah-ha!)

Over the past 2 years, I have made fitness a serious part of my life but have never gotten the results that I really desire. It is a constant struggle of "fighting the fat" and striving for but never achieving that fab physique that I realllllly want. So, this is the year... Now or never! I will complete the 30 day challenge.

On Monday, I will begin my quest towards being TA "teeny tiny" with my fingers crossed and hopes high!

Until then... let the planning begin!!!


PS - Special shout out to Lauren for giving me the TAM book for Christmas! have created a monster ;-)


  1. Woooooo Go Kerri!!!! Can't wait to see the results and then MAYBE do it myself sometime this year!! Good luck Fit Fiona!

  2. You already look fantastic, but I know you will do it. Once you commit you are all in. You are very brave and a little crazy. Can wait to follow your blog every day. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!

  3. Oh Kerri, at least it makes me feel a little less odd for getting it for you for Christmas! Good luck, and just for the record I don't think it is necessary.