Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 17 - Makes Me Wanna Pray

Ok, so obviously I like to title my blogs after songs... except for the occasional rhyming title or something like "got kale?" HAHAHA. Today, I switched up my playlist and put on my "Run Girl Run!" playlist from the half marathon. When Christina Aguilera "Makes Me Wanna Pray" came on I pretty much laughed out loud. Because in that moment I was really battling with myself, and I thought - how appropriate!! LOL I also listen to songs like Mercy by Duffy, Clumsy by Fergie, Knock you Down by Keri Hilson and other ironically titled tunes. Maybe one of these days I will post my playlists. But then y'all will really think I'm nuts!! HAHA I listen to everything from Bent to Bieber to T.I. Really, I'm all over the map.

So last night I ate the lamb. I was very very uncertain about this, but Tracy realllll hasn't steered us wrong yet in the eating dept (besides the cucumber mint thing which I just don't understand) , so I figured what the heck... Since lamb tenderloin is pretty much impossible to find, I settled for a 4 oz lamb steak with virtually no fat. And I have to admit it TA... It was not too shabby. I loved the brussel sprouts (obv), and really didn't mind the lamb.

A quick note on the choco pudding from yesterday and then we will move on to today. It has come to my attention that this pudding is approximately 750 calories... Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?! Don't get me wrong... I did not think that TA had invented calorie free pudding by any means, but seriously... What the??? The 1/2 c of semisweet choco chips represents 500 cals and the remaining ingredients come in around 250. Why Tracy whyyyyy??? I really just don't see why that is necessary. The ONLY thing I can come up with is that she's training our bodies not to be completely restricted, and not to be "shocked" when we do indulge (post-BC) in a cookie, or some vodka, or a french fry, or whatever your "thing" may be... Anyone else have any theories? AND tomorrow is choco blueberry "pudding".... 1/2 c choc chips + 1 cup blueberries = approx 650? Interesting.... Personally, I'd rather have a little extra protein at dinner, but thats just me.

So... After measuring my hips and investigating my body for "changes" last night, I decided that I should be seeing more dramatic results in the hip/leg area. After all, I have been doing extreme leg/butt work every single day for approx 1 hr for 17 days straight now... thats 17 hours of work!! And they have barely budged! So this morning, I dedicated myself to shrinking my butt and legs with every single move. I upped my reps to 40 (legs/abs) and 45 (arms). I moved slowly and methodically through each move - REALLY pushing, really extending, really "thinking in my butt". I went above and beyond today. And while it was great, and I felt really great after (even though it sucked during). It took me one hour and forty freaking minutes... YIKES!!!! So I finished up after work today - rocking out 40 mins of TAM cardio. I cannot wait to get back to other cardio dance routines and classes (especially when taught by Ms. Hefez!!).

OK, so I decided this morning that I would take some pics of my "progress"... Here's a couple TAM arms on day 17!

Arms only at this point... The rest will likely never see the light of day. But good to track progress regardless!!

Food today:
Breakfast - Sweet Potato Silver Dollar "Pancakes"?
Now... I have not made many pancakes in my life. But I'm pretty certain they are not  supposed to look like this! HAHAHA. But they were awesome!! 1 steamed sweet potato + 1 tbsp kefir (not flavored) + 1 tbsp flax + 1 egg white, a little EVOO spray and voila! You (are supposed to) have pancakes!! These were in better shape until they were crushed in their tin foil pack on my way into work :( oh well... Also, the Yacon Syrup really took them to another level!! Now,  I am not a maple syrup girl... at ALL! In fact, I have strong negative feelings towards it.  But yacon... now we're talking!!

Lunch - greek salad! LOVE :) I will say, could have done without the feta (gasp!). It's amazing what not eating dairy for 17 days does to a cheese and salt loving lady like myself... Imagine that!!

Snack - Pear Apple sauce w nutmeg and cinammon. Delish, will add this to the post-TAM repitoire

Dinner - Steamed Turkey with kale and raisins. LOVE!! Last time I made this dish, I clearly didnt use enough kale because it was more like a soup. As we all know, I have an abundance of said vegetable so tonight the kale was a-plenty! Although the recipe called for "1 bunch" of kale... I knew this did not apply to my garganchuan kale bunches, so I went with a little less than half, which was still very sufficient.

As it is wayyyy past my bedtime, I have to hit the hay... Sweet dreams peeps!

17 down, 13 to go... All by the book!!!
(Feb 8th is right around the corner!!)



  1. You are doing amazing girl!!! So so so proud! =) And you ate lamb....that's kind of a big deal!

  2. Isn't the chocolate a little over the top? But you figure the serving is 4 oz (1 batch is about 2.5 servings) then it's not so bad. But yea thats another reason I half the recipe for the blueberry pudding...