Thursday, January 20, 2011

DAY 11 - Boom Boom Pow

Hola peeps! Today marks the beginning of sequence 2. Wow. This morning was an interesting one. Nothing like pre-dawn chair acrobatics... or something like that!

I didn't "study" before beginning this sequence like I did before sequence 1, so I felt a little unprepared. While learning each move - I busted out 30 reps legs/abs, 40 reps arms. I will study some more tonight so that tomorrow I can really focus and up my reps. I also found it challenging to see myself in the mirror since every move is in a different direction/side of chair/upside down, etc. I will work on these but wanted to note it for the first day. It took me an hour and a half, so I put off cardio until after work. I really wanted to have the time to give the cardio my ALL today. I am actually shocked that today is the first day that I have "put off" any piece of my TA work. I am the queen of saving things til the last minute, putting things off, etc. So... bravo self :) LOL

Breakfast today - citrus salad part 2 (Had to do a little switch-a-roo... I am having poached salmon omelet tomorrow instead. BTW - Thanks to Jessica for the salmon tip!!!* Lifesaver!) Also, I got these 9.5 oz "small bowls" made by Ziploc seen in photo. These are great for TAM meals since most are 8oz servings!! The top even twists and locks on making it virtually spill proof. Woo hoo!
* Salmon tip: Jessica (a follower from Alaska... so cool!!) told me to cook the salmon first and then the skin would PEEL right off... imagine that?!! LOL

Lunch - Spinach salad w/ fennel, chicken, dried cranberries. I was sooo excited for the dried cran! yum-o!! My tongue is a little burnt from some REALLY hot mint tea last night... so my taste buds are a little off today, but lunch was very good.

Snack - Blueberry chocolate pudding. So since yesterday was so crazy, I made all of my meals for today on Tuesday. I think that was a little long for the "pudding." Still, pretty tasty! Chocolate and blueberry is an excellent combo - who knew!! But I agree with Jen, it was a bit much, and very rich. I did however, eat it all (8 oz) muahahaha!

Ok, so a few notes on hunger. I am a hungry girl. And as I have mentioned before, I eat healthy and have for quite sometime. But I also LOVE food. All types of food. And I have a sweet tooth. And I don't mind splurging. To add insult to injury, last May I ran a 1/2 marathon. And during my training I was literally starving allll day long. I always tried to make healthy options with eating, but literally nothing made the epic hunger stop. After the race, I continued working out around 4 days a week - weight training, cardio, and more recently a lot of barre method and some zumba. The hunger would NOT persist.... I promise I have a point here.... It occurred to me today that I am never really THAT hungry anymore. And I definitely am not craving anything. It's amazing that a week and a half of good, clean, organized/scheduled eating has seriously improved my "hunger" and "craving" situation. Today there was a gorgeous box of chocolates (ones that I know I like) in the kitchen at work - I didn't blink twice. I grabbed a fork for my citrus salad, and moved on. Love that!

I am trying to think of ways that I can up the ante here... I know that I need to kick this puppy into overdrive to see the results I really want... For now, all I can think of is to "give" more to the cardio piece. Don't get me wrong... I jump around like nobody's business... But maybe if I reach harder, point more, jump higher... I can see some more significant changes in the coming days (hoping for better measurements on day 15).

OK, off to bust out 40 SOLID minutes of heart pumping cardio... AND since its not sooo early I can rock it outLOUD! Woooo :) Boom Boom Powwwww

Lastly, back down -0.5 today... that damn half pound is haunting me!! LOL. Leave it to MY body to play mind games with me.... Seriously! LOL

We will see what tomorrow brings! BY THE BOOK!!!


PS - for your viewing pleasure, here are some food photos I hadn't uploaded:
"Bloody Mary"
 Broccoli Puree Soup (pretty ey??)
 Mushroom Omelet (yum!!) with Kombucha (lol)
 Turkey Burgers... yummmm!
 Orange & Beet mini-salad (with basil this time!!)


  1. Hahah I was wondering why you were having such trouble with the salmon skin! I have never tried to take it off before cooking!! Muchhh easier to do afterwards. Hope the cardio went well tonight! :)

  2. You are doing awesome girlee!!! I am LOVING that there are so many of us doing it by Tracys rules and seeing such awesome results!!!

    Can't wait till its over though, that's for sure!

  3. Man your food looks so much more appetizing than mine :) probably because I'm always running around like a crazy person and burning things or making them up wayyyy far ahead and reheating them :)

    Told you it's a lot of chocolate pudding. I swear it had to be a typo! The only recipe where I've cut the serving down. And it's chocolate! The sacrilege!

    But great job! Enjoy sequence 2!