Sunday, January 30, 2011

DAY 21 - 1, 2 Step

Hey y'all! This is going to be a quick update tonight... It's 11 o'clock and I'm wrapping up cooking my lunch for Tuesday. Yes, today is Sunday - tomorrow is going to be a longgggg day!!

BUT... I survived Sequence 3 today!! Woohoo!! 30 reps legs/abs, 40 reps arms. Sequence 3 is very very difficult but in a very very good way. You can really feel each move working. It took me 1:48 for the muscle work (today was a "learning" day) followed by 40 mins cardio. Felt great after! We'll see what manana brings!!

I surprisingly loved tonight's dinner - tofu, corn, tomato, arugula salad. So much in fact... it may make another appearance in my post-BC life :)

Today was pretty hectic, but overall standard Sunday - workout, grocery shop, cook, cook, cook! Oh, AND I bought a juicer!! So basically, to date, I have been blending my kale juice and straining it... This is an insanely tedious process and since I will be having kale juice 2x/day for days 26-30, I decided it was a necessity!! I went for a pretty low level juicer... But fingers crossed!! The reviews are decent, and I wasn't willing to splurge on a great one @ this point. Also, I tried to see if there was a juice bar in Boston where I could just order said juice, or bring in my ingredients and beg someone to juice them for me... and - There is NOT a juice bar in Boston!!! I can't believe it. This city struggles sometimes... it is missing some serious culinary and cultural necessities... good/authentic latin food, bars/restaurants that serve food and are open past 2, a juice bar, a TAM studio... I mean - come on!!! LOL

OK I really need to get some sleep. Alarm will go off at 5AM tomorrow.... and you know how I feel about waking up that close to 4!

Good night peeps. Cheers to another TAMtastic week ahead!!


PS - to those of you wrapping up BC this week..... You're almost there!!! ROCK IT!!!!

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