Thursday, January 27, 2011

DAY 18

Another snowy day in Boston! Talk about a drag on motivation!!

This morning - 40 reps legs/abs (again really focused on perfection - channelling slimmer thighs) and 50 reps of arms which took me 1:40. Willl do 40 min cardio tonight after work. While I don't love breaking it up... at this point it really is the only option (because waking up at 4:30 am is not an option).

The good news - only two more days of sequence 2!! I literally cannot believe it!! Despite basically complaining every day about it, it has flown by. And while there are parts of sequence 2 that I love, there is a lot that I don't... Particularly move #2. Funny... I didnt like move #2 of sequence 1 either... hmmm.....

So I forgot to mention yesterday that I was holding strong at 109.5. Today up to 110.5. Not sure why? Maybe still had a belly full of kale? No rationalizations... I'm just going with it... We will see what tomorrow brings.

Breakfast today was a lovely tropical fruit salad (kiwi, pineapple, honeydew, papaya). Loved it.
Lunch - turkey kale soup. Delish!! Took a while to make... A lot of work on a weeknight for one little cup of soup, but I think this would be a great recipe to make on a Sunday for lunch a few days.
Snack - Choco Blueberry pudding. Ya'll know my thoughts here. At least no more chocolate untile the CLEANSE (only a week away!)
Dinner - Orange glazed salmon with roasted mushrooms
Overall, great eating day!!

My Perfect Design Series (1, 2, 3) is arriving today!! Woooo!! Just in time to start it right after BC!! I am so excited to move past BC, just to go back to cardio outside of my living room!! I miss my gym, I miss my gym buddy, my favorite instructors, different moves and really just everything about it! I feel truly happy to have found the TAM method, and I look forward to incorporating it and maintaining/improving upon my BC results for as long as Tracy keeps at it! Up next is PDS then the original Mat Workout (which I also got for Christmas!) and then I will definitely order Metamorphisis... clearly hipcentric... I mean, she is actually building in sustainability! How cool is that?? Ok, obviously I am obsessed with Tracy but I also find TAM's new CEO, Stephanie Stahl*, inspirational from a professional standpoint. Post-business school, I would LOVE to follow the this career path. Look out, Tracy! You won't know what hit you ;)

* Stephanie graduated from Stanford undergrad and Harvard Business School. She worked at Boston Consulting Group where she was a Partner, and then as Chief Marketing Officer of Revlon until 2006. Stephanie recently joined TAM to bring the business to the next level. So far, I think the changes to the business are amazing!! See a recent interview Stephanie gave here.

Ok peeps, keeping it short and sweet today!

Happy TAMing,

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  1. Come on you can get up at 4:30, that's reasonable right? But seriously good job! In 3 days I'll be posting my weight tracker, around the middle things get kind of stagnant, don't worry though it's worth it in the end!

    Keep up your hard work!