Saturday, January 22, 2011

DAY 13 - Keeps Gettin' Better

Day 13... Wow. This is seriously flying by!

Today was a really stressful day. I had to go to RI this afternoon/evening for a fashion show, which left very little time for everything else (TAMing, cooking, and all the other things life throws at us). But... I made it (but not without help)!

Breakfast was the delish veggie omelet with quinoa. I really love this dish (note - I do not puree the mushrooms and spinach... not really sure why you would unless you dislike mushrooms or spinach... I happen to love both).

Then, I had to make lunch, snack and dinner for the day, and followed it up by powering through 30 reps legs/abs, 40 reps arms and 20 mins of cardio. While 20 mins isn't ideal, it was really all I had time for today. In total, this took me around 1:45 if I am remembering correctly. Tomorrow, I will up my reps (I actually kind of like sequence 2!) and do at least 40 mins if not more cardio. I will say, however, that sequence 2 takes a long time for me to complete... even when I am ROCKING it, like I did today. On another note, I am significantly more sore with this sequence than sequence 1.... Anyone else??

I really botched lunch today. Carrot ginger soup... More like GINGER overload puree. OMG. Now, I love ginger. I drink ginger tea, love it with sushi, and have had carrot ginger soup in the past. I don't know if there was a typo in the book but 2 tablespoons of ginger is really like 6X more than is needed. I found it completely inedible. My tongue was burning after 2 bites, and I was clearly in a rush, so I just gave up and threw it away. I had the blueberry applesauce (delish!!) for "lunch" and then ate dinner around 10 pm when I got home from RI... Not a big eating day. However I will say that tonight's dinner was delicious!! Dijon flank steak (4oz) w string beans and spinach... Loved it!!  And it was like the perfect amount of food.

I was surprised how hungry I was NOT today considering I skipped lunch and ate dinner so late... Probably because I was running around like a crazy lady all day, but... it worked itself out and I am now home, in my warm comfy bed... :) Nothing on the agenda tomorrow except for TAM-related activities.... Work out, grocery shop, cook... Should be a nice little Sunday.

Special shout out to my main squeeze for literally being my hero today :) I wouldn't have survived the day (without a serious meltdown) without his help.

Good night y'all... Can't believe I'm almost half way there!!


PS - Oh! -0.5 today :) back to a whole number... which you know makes me happy! -5.5 in total. Not too shabby!

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  1. The flank steak was definitely one of my favs. It's crazy how long I go without food without getting hungry. I get there eventually but it definitely has improved from the first week.

    Keep rocking it!

    <3 Jen