Sunday, January 9, 2011

Twas the night before TAM...

It has been a crazy weekend prepping for the 30 day challenge!! To be honest, the past week has been kind of intense... I have been reading the TAM book over and over, reading blogs of others who have completed the 30 day challenge (highly recommend, googling Tracy, the the method. And seriously, I have been so excited I can barely sleep. Tonight I imagine will be one of those night before Christmas kind of experiences. So excited/anxious/nervous-you'll-over-sleep/dreaming of eating Tostitos while doing leg lifts kind of nights... Or something...

Saturday I practiced the DVD... seriously. I practiced. And, it was kind of awesome.

Today after studying the week 1 shopping list 100 times, I ventured to Whole Foods with my bff and food connoisseur Kerry (after sharing a cheeseburger and a salad at Aquitaine... oops). More on this adventure later, I assume it will keep me entertained for quite some time.
Needless to say, I got pretty much everything I needed... $250 and 3 hours later. Ahh!!

So I come home - ready and rearing to prepare my menu for tomorrow. Ready to eat cleaner, feel lighter, and super motivated to become the next Bethenny Frankel ("naturally thin" cooking extraordinaire). It took be about an hour just to put away the groceries... SO many vegetables!! AHH!!

I think I eat pretty healthy overall. I eat a lot of fruit, vegetables and lean meats. I limit processed foods (for the most part), eat a few small meals a day and try to make healthy choices on a day-to-day basis. I get a box from Boston Organics every other week that steers my menu du jour, and I have recently began enjoying to cook! I think I get food, or at least have a pretty good understanding of how it all works.

But right now I have so much produce in my house - I have no idea how anyone (really big or "teeny tiny") is supposed to consume it all!! Will a lot of it go to waste?? I am slightly concerned and overwhelmed. Based on the menu plans and the other posts I have read from other people doing the method, Im pretty sure Im not allowed to eat all this FOOD!

So after I get the groceries away (read: jam pack them into my fridge) I start preparing my meals for the next day...

Breakfast - 1 cup of chopped strawberries with 1 tsp mint and 1 tsp agave nectar. Simple. Sounds "clean" and kind of refreshing! (but really? after kicking my own butt for 90 mins thats it??)

Lunch - Tomato Minestrone soup. Love soup! So I begin chopping the veggies, pureeing them in the blender, following the recipe etc. and 3/4 through I realize... I'm making the WRONG dish! Ahhh! This is not a very good way to start. While the Tomato Gazpacho I was blending (aka pureed salsa) was unoffensive and kind of interesting, I wasted a bunch of my produce (does this mean I will need even more???) and about an hour of my time...

So on to making my "last supper" before the TAM Challenge begins... Chicken with rice and beans (especially for my main squeeze!!), which turned into chicken, beans, and a side of gazpacho for me, was actually quite lovely. But then... back to the kitchen! More cooking... Thank God for my brand new ruffly apron or I would have lost serious motivation.

I re-made my soup for tomorrow only to realize that I was only allowed to eat 8 oz. Interesting. Im freezing the rest... Hopefully someone, someday will eat it. :-/

Then I made my "snack" - 8 oz of chocolate chestnut pudding. Sounds kind of awesome. I am pretty excited.

So after shopping for 3 hours, cooking and cleaning for 3 hours, and rambling on for the past 42 paragraphs I am exhausted!! But I am READY.

I feel mentally and physically prepared. Bring it Tracy Anderson! Playlists made, meals packed, and living room ready to morph into my own studio - I am ready to carpe diem! Let's make every day count. All 30 of them.

Here goes nothing!


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  1. I'll take the leftover soup and I'll try the chocolate chestnut pudding too please... thanks! hahah.. good luck tomorrow BC!!! wooooo you can do it. :) xoxoxo