Sunday, January 23, 2011

DAY 14 - Just Dance

Wow... tomorrow is kind of huge, half way there!!

Today I was really TIRED. Like from the moment I woke up until now (about to go to sleep). I even took a nice little nap! Hoping tomorrow will be better.

I timed it out, and it seems that each section of sequence 2 is taking me 25 minutes... Right leg - 25, left leg - 25, abs - 25 (including the push up/attitude arabesque), arms - 25 = 1:25 total. I did 35 reps abs/legs and 40 arms. I really only had 2 hours to give to the workout today, so I maxed out at 30 mins of cardio. It was a bit of a battle today... Some days are just harder and today was one of them. I was fighting myself the entire time. However - I did it!

Breakfast was mixed berries with pomegranate seeds.  Lunch lemon Dijon tilapia (very delicious). Snack kiwi puree. Dinner - cod with olives. I was so excited for the olives! Yummm. Glad I don't have to have the kiwi dessert again this week, it kind of hurts my tongue... This normally happens after I have 2 kiwi (which I sometimes had as a snack pre-TAM) so you can imagine how much worse it is from the FOUR we puree for TAM's kiwi "dessert." Ouch! lol too tangy I think... or possible allergy?

Anyways, sooo not ready to get back to work tomorrow. But... c'est la vie!!

Going to be another busy week. But I will do some measurements tomorrow to commemorate my mid-way point... Woohoo!!

Oh, and -0.5 today!!

Good night!!


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