Monday, January 17, 2011

DAY 8 - Pump It

Hey y'all! 8 days down. Woo!! Happy to report - I rocked it today :)

40 reps + 60 mins cardio... done and done!!

It's funny all the things that go through your mind during the workouts... I wish I could somehow record them lol. 2+ hours of my internal soundtrack would be pretty entertaining I think. A few reflections from today's... I figured out the difference in workout length. It's all about the "transition," similar to in a triathlon. During the muscle work there are 25 moves overall (7 legs X 2 + 9 abs & arms). If you power through from one to the next, you can finish the muscle sequence in an hour. If you stretch, drink water, lay down and feel sorry for yourself (as we know I have done a time or two...), it can literally go on forever (as it did for me on Friday - day 5). So 8 days in... I got it. Not really a far fetched concept when you think about it. For example... When your in a class at the gym, the instructor never says "Ok, now take 1 minute to recoup." He/she says "we're moving on, take a quick sip of water if you need it because we're not going to stop."

On that note, I think I have done a pretty good job at being my own "instructor." I focus on each move, cross checking with the book and the dvd, and think about where I am feeling it. I am a bit of a perfectionist... so when I say cross check I really mean it - I study the moves, I follow the moves, and I "perform" each one. I wonder what Tracy would say if I was in her class (this topic would likely come up a dozen times on today's internal soundtrack). I wonder if I'm working as hard as she would make me work, or if I'm pointing my toes hard enough, or reaching far enough.... So I try to give it my all... because one day, I truly hope to be in TA's studio, and I want her to say "good form, Kerri. You're a rock star!" Not "you've been doing it like this for how long???" LOL. I don't really think this would ever happen, but she did call Kelly Ripa a rock star on a segment of Regis & Kelly once... hey - a girl can dream!!

One last thing, I read somewhere that Madonna (before she dropped TA) did 100 reps of all of the muscle work moves. Are you kidding me!?!? 100 reps? Even if I had all the time in the world, which clearly Madonna has an abundance of, why??? Why would anyone want to do that?? Yowza.

Food today:

Breakfast - "Bloody Mary" - I had a really hard time thinking of this as a bloody Mary. Even if there was vodka in it... it wouldn't even come close!! Don't get me wrong... I didn't hate it - at all. I just thought of it as a veggie smoothie... because bloody Mary it was not. (mmmm.... vodka....) lol

Lunch - Turkey lettuce wrap - This is the second time this recipe appeared on the menu. Last week, I used chicken because the Whole Foods I went to didn't have turkey breast. Today, I made it with turkey and it was awesome!! Seriously, I loved it. Kind of brilliant actually. For those who may be a little bored with straight up grilled chicken on their lunchtime salads... consider this:
  • 3oz of turkey breast seasoned liberally with fresh cracked pepper + 3/4 cup of chicken broth + 1/2 a bay leaf. Simmer in a small covered pot for about 6-10 mins. Slice thin, and enjoy!
Seriously, it is so good, quick and easy! Ok... moving on

Snack - cucumber mint relish - ugh. again, not one of my favs. But this was payback for missing it yesterday. Thank God for the edamame!

Dinner - Braised Tilapia (WF did not have snapper) with roasted asparagus

So, pretty good day overall. Back to waking up pre-dawn tomorrow... but thankful for the 3 day weekend :)

Another weight-loss free day. I'm on my third day holding steady... We will see what tomorrow brings. However - As one of my followers (and also bff/gym buddy) pointed out, I should note a few things, especially for you other TAMers reading (aka do not be deterred by my stand still status!). I am not a large person by any means. I am 5'2" and petite; I am curvy, but overall pretty small. My TAM goals are to get leaner, more defined, and hopefully one day see serious ab definition. I have always wanted killer abs, but unfortunately that's not really the stomach God gave me. I am hoping that Tracy's method will defy genetics for me in this one way. So - there is my disclaimer. But for me, achieving these goals likely requires the scale to go down another 6-8 pounds (3 down so far) and I think this a realistic goal for these 30 days. I just keep reminding myself... slow and steady wins the race! I will do it... 30 days... By the book... and I will see the results!

I hope everyone had a TAMtastic weekend!! Only 2 more days of Muscle Series 1 :) That much closer to being 1/3 through... WOW. Time flies when you're having fun ;-) hahahaha



  1. Keep up the good work Kerri. You are amazing, sticking with it. Love your blog.

  2. You are doing AMAZING woman!!!

    Love the pictures and especially you and your adorable blog! =)