Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 5 – Staying alive!!

So, last night after I tried (and failed) to post my blog… The real fun began!

Dinner (chicken with mango and tomato) was seriously delicious. I loved it and felt satisfied. This is where the trouble begins…. After my meal (which was wayyyy late because of an evening meeting) I went back to the kitchen to prep today’s meals… only to find out that lunch included chicken prepared the EXACT same way I had just made my din… Ugh!! To top it off I realize I don’t have any chicken that isn’t frozen!! So I take the chicken out of the freezer (I tend to freeze chicken because I have a totally unreasonable fear that chicken will poison me if consumed ON the expiration date, so I tend to freeze it a few days before… just in case) and try putting it in a bowl of warm water – still frozen, try again – still frozen… you get the point. So I put it in the microwave on defrost (ugh!). Of course… it cooked the edges, which makes me nauseous. The temper tantrum begins. I grill the over-defrosted/partially cooked/now disgusting (and in my opinion completely inedible chicken), all the while pouting and spewing venom everywhere…. Burnt. Ruined. Horrible. Oops. Thank God there are some sane people in this world. My main squeeze swept me up and brought me to the grocery store––literally minutes before it closed––so that I could try again with unfrozen, non-poison (all-natural), brand new chicken. So I stayed up wayyy past my bedtime grilling chicken––for the 3rd time…

My sincere apologies to all of those who may have been affected by that mean chicken-induced Satan lady! L

Finally, my breakfast/lunch/snack was packed. Next thing I know it – the alarm goes off. Ugh!! Hit snooze. Immediately the guilt sets in and I get up before the alarm goes off again. Step on the scale, -0.5… ehh could be better. Onto the workout – 40 reps – here I come........ kicking and screaming!

Today was a battle. Don’t get me wrong… I did it – every last leg lift, arm circle, and crunch… but I was NOT happy about it. Several times, I actually laid down on my stomach, rested my head on my hands, and just thought about how sorry I felt for myself. Like… really?? Get it together girl! I guess some days you just don’t have it…. It took me forever and I didn’t have time for the 40 min cardio… I had 2 choices – end this now, on this bad note and continue to feel sorry for myself for the rest of the day, only to come home and do more… OR power through 20 mins (all I could afford time-wise), and make it up this weekend. The skinny bitch inside be prevailed, and I literally ROCKED IT OUT to 20 mins of cardio. I event did extra jumping to make up for lost time!

I guess the moral of the story is… you win some, you lose some. But you have to keep going!! I will make up the cardio this weekend – 3 day weekend = 3 days of 60 min cardio sessions! And I will not lay down like a little baby feeling sorry for myself.


More on meals (I have pics!) and such later


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