Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DAY 9 - Dancing in the Dark

Hola peeps! That was me today… back to dancing in the dark… literally!! Up at 5:30 – pitch black. Muscle work done – still pitch black. As I was dancing, it went from black black to greyyyyy. Nice little covering of snow piling up outside. Ick!!

Day 9… wow! 21 days to go and 1 more day of series 1. I am ready to change things up!

Some moves from this series I will miss, and others I will probably never think about again. I was thinking today (during my workout) that I would love to do some of my favorite moves every day, and that maybe at the end I could “cherry pick” all of my favs and have the ideal workout…. EHHHH! WRONG!! Silly internal soundtrack really got ahead of itself on that one. I would for sure have a misaligned and unevenly toned bod. I am sure that the moves I loathe are in fact the ones pulling in my “softness” and turning that extra love into muscle… Fingers crossed!

All in, it took me 2:10 today. 40 reps + 40 mins cardio (I did not miss the extra 20 mins!). Back to dark, iPod, space heater…. Already looking forward to Saturday!! Lol  Based on my findings, the extra tiempo is likely due to two things:

1) I move much slower in the morning. Especially without my normal jolt of hazelnut bliss (i.e. COFFEE)…. Surprisingly I do not miss this nearly as much as I thought I would. A few years ago, I gave up coffee for lent and honestly thought I would dieeeeeee. I guess TA was right – the method energizes you! If not, I would surely be a sight for sore eyes, aka dead girl walking.

2) I did have to stretch a few times between moves. My hip flexors/IT bands were pretty tight/sore during some moves. This is something I am acutely aware of so felt it was worth a few extra minutes to do a figure 4 stretch or 2 along the way.

Down 1 lb on the scale this morning… Woohoo! However I have been stuck on a ½ lb for a while now… pretty much since the beginning. I would really like to ditch the 0.5 for a nice, round number… So here goes….

Dear body,
You reallllllly don’t need that little bitty half pound. I promise you will not miss it! I will be indefinitely grateful to weigh a whole number, and promise to not gain it back on day 31. LOL.

Let’s hope mind over matter wins this battle :)

Food today:
Breakfast – Berry Compote – aka blueberries and blackberries with some orange squeezed over it. Not sure what constitutes this dish as compote*… but it was good. I would have rathered just the berries sans juice.

*In case you're interested.... Compote (French for "mixture") is a dessert originating from 17th century France made of whole or pieces of fruit in sugar syrup. Whole fruits are immersed in water and with sugar and spices added to the dish, over gentle heat. The syrup may be seasoned with vanilla, lemon or orange peel, cinnamon sticks or powder, cloves, ground almonds, grated coconut, candied fruit, or raisins. The compote is then served either warm or chilled arranged in a large fruit bowl or single-serve bowl for individual presentation. The dessert may be topped with whipped cream, cinnamon, or vanilla sugar. (YUMMMMM!!)

Lunch – pureed broccoli soup – thank god I love brocoli… Just sayin’! The soup was actually nice for a cold, snowy day like today. But was an odd orangey/green color. People probably wondered what the hell I was eating... I guess this is how Jennifer Aniston got the bad rep' for eating baby food ;) lol... More on JA later.

Snack – Orange/beet mini salad (4oz). Im kind of over this non-salad. This wouldn’t be half bad served over some greens, but solo is just kind of odd. Actually, the first time I made this, I missed adding the basil (completely flaked when making it). The basil did make it more acceptable... Ok. I'm rambling.

Dinner - Roasted turkey with steamed broccoli.  Yum-o!! I missed steamed broccoli!! Soooo much. God I love that vegetable. Clearly I have issues. But seriously dinner was great. And 8-12 oz of turkey?! I was stuffed! I think I had 8 or 9 ounces... for the record.

Now for some good news. As most of you know, I consult to/help out a fashion designer in my "spare" time. We have an event on Saturday, and I have been dying over this dress. The sample did not fit me, so I had her make me one in my size, with a slight color variation... When I went for my fitting today, the one she made for me was HUGE!! I actually fit into the sample that merely weeks ago literally could not zip. I am hoping its a tad less snug on Saturday... But I am confident that I will tighten up a bit more by then! As I didn't end up going out last Saturday night, I have not yet tried the jeans test... I will work on that soon... promise.

Tomorrow is the big day - DAY 10!! Seriously, this is flyyyying by! I have an event tomorrow evening so I am not sure I will be able to blog, but I will try my best (maybe a quickie from work). I will obviously weigh myself, and will try and measure if time permits... Otherwise I'll do it Thurs am. I love accounting for each day, and having the option to go back and review. Officially exhausted, and need to be up ROCKING it in 7 hours (yes, I like to go to sleep early).

2/3 left.... BY THE BOOK!!

Good night y'all!!


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