Saturday, January 15, 2011

DAY 6 - I Got A New Attitude

Ok, so remember the other day when I said TAMing shouldn't be called rocking or rocking it out because its not... its actually just hard work? Well peeps... Today I ROCKED IT OUT! Seriously. 40 reps of all the muscle work + 60 mins cardio! I did not lay down and feel bad for my self once! I powered through each and every move, and kept on keeping on til the very end. Now, the most impressive part of all of this is that I completed it in 2 hours. Yes. So basically, I wasted 40 mins yesterday by moving slow, pausing, and generally just being miserable. After a relaxing evening (with a delicious shrimp/snap pea/hearts of palm/pepper salad dinner) and a good night sleep, I was ready today!
Scale -1 lb today. Again, not earth shattering but moving in the right direction. I seem to be on a -0.5, -1, -0.5, -1 pattern. Really, I am realizing more and more that I really like eating clean. For me the biggest "shift" in my daily intake has been not utilizing olive oil. Tracy replaces this with either one second spray of EVOO spray or vegetable/chicken stock. I dig it :) I am confident I will continue to add many of these meals to my general repertoire.

I think my mid-section feels flatter (still needs some serious work), and am looking forward to measuring on Wednesday to see my progress. I'll probably wear jeans tonight, which is always a good "test." Wish me luck!!

I find reading the TAM facebook page helps - so many other girls are doing the method, have great questions, and really provide a nice, cyber-support system to the method. Yes, it is hard work. But yes, it works. Dedication and determination are key... I can do this :)

Tonight, going to my first social obligation on the challenge. When I started, I said to myself - I will drink coffee and have a glass of wine if I really want. But otherwise, will do it by the book. Well my friends, my tune has changed. I'm doing this thing LITERALLY by the book. No wine, no how. :) How's that for dedication??

Obviously, today is Saturday - which makes the whole thing way easier. Having to cram the workout in before work, only to come home and cook all night is not really tons of fun. But the weekends are much better :)  Below are some pics I have had on back log... Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!


Chicken Protein Soup
 Kiwi Dessert - Not a huge fan
 The TAM Zone (equipped with space heater)

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  1. I like your "New Attitude". Good work. Glad you decided against the wine. I bet your jeans were too big for you tonight.